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Author: upload113 Date: 12-10-2017, 00:26 Comments: 0 Views: 21
Mail ActOn 4.1.2 MacOSX
Mail ActOn 4.1.2 MacOSX | 9 MB

Mail Act-On is the powerful enhancement to Apple's Mail Application that puts organization at your fingertips.
Author: upload113 Date: 12-10-2017, 00:21 Comments: 0 Views: 18
DCommander 3.1.3 Multilingual MacOSX
DCommander 3.1.3 Multilingual MacOSX | 8.18 MB

DCommander is a two-pane file manager that gives you full control over your computer's filesystem. Optimized for quick access and user-friendliness, DCommander provides a perfect companion for new Mac users transitioning from other operating systems, as well as advanced power users that demand more control of their computer.
Author: upload113 Date: 11-10-2017, 00:22 Comments: 0 Views: 27
Instaradio v7.5 MacOSX
Instaradio v7.5 MacOSX | 6 MB

Listen to your favorite radio stations, or discover new ones. Instaradio could be the radio player you have been waiting for. Try the app thousands of people rely on for listening to radio!
Author: upload113 Date: 11-10-2017, 00:09 Comments: 0 Views: 22
Kaomoji 1.9.13 MacOSX
Kaomoji 1.9.13 MacOSX | 4.21 MB
Author: art_links Date: 6-10-2017, 17:36 Comments: 0 Views: 42
QuartzCode 1.57 MacOSX

QuartzCode 1.57 | MacOSX | 10 MB
QuartzCode is a fast, lightweight, powerful animation tool which generates Objective-C and Swift code for iOS and OS X on-the-fly. It's the quickest way to learn and master Core Animation, and lets you experiment with complex animation without coding skills. With 6 layer types and more than 25 animatable properties, the animation possibilities are limitless.
Author: upload113 Date: 6-10-2017, 00:11 Comments: 0 Views: 27

Winclone Pro 6.1.5 MacOSX
File size: 19 MB

Winclone 6 is the most complete solution for protecting your Boot Camp Windows system against data loss. Winclone is the most reliable cloning solution when migrating Boot Camp to a new Mac. The Winclone Backup feature provides scheduled, incremental snapshots of the Windows User folder for retrieval of earlier versions or deleted data.
Author: upload113 Date: 6-10-2017, 00:06 Comments: 0 Views: 16

Toontrack EZX Funkmasters Update v1.5.4 MacOSX
File size: 25.98 MB

Meet the drummers whose beats became the soundtrack of generations.
Author: art_links Date: 5-10-2017, 16:55 Comments: 0 Views: 20
Cyberduck 5.4.4 MacOSX
File Size: 88.6 MB

Cyberduck is a robust FTP/FTP-TLS/SFTP browser for the Mac whose lack of visual clutter and cleverly intuitive features make it easy to use. Support for external editors and system technologies such as Spotlight, Bonjour, Keychain, and AppleScript are built-in.
Author: art_links Date: 21-09-2017, 04:08 Comments: 0 Views: 18
Transmit 5.0 MacOSX
Transmit 5.0 | MacOSX | 65.5 MB
Author: art_links Date: 21-09-2017, 04:07 Comments: 0 Views: 19
Boom 3D 1.02 MacOSX

Boom 3D 1.02 | MacOSX | 27.6 MB
Boom 3D is an all-new pro audio app that delivers rich and intense audio with 3D surround sound that makes any kind of headphone sound better!


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